Copper has been in use since ancient times and can last for as long as 700 years. Its durability is proven by its many appearances topping prestigious European buildings that are hundreds of years old.

It’s an attractive, energy-efficient and waterproof material that requires very little maintenance. The benefits of copper make it a popular metal for use in roofing, cladding, doors and many other architectural applications.

Benefits of Copper Installations


Copper comes in a range of beautiful patinas and its flexibility means it can suit any building’s architectural design, whether traditional or contemporary.

Save money

Copper reflects heat, making it easier to control your property’s internal temperature. In the summer, it will reflect the sun’s rays away from it and in winter, it will keep heat inside the building. This efficiency will lead to lower costs heating and cooling your property.

Environmentally friendly

Many copper roofs are made from 75% recycled materials. They also do not require the application of unhealthy chemical fumes that shingles and tar require.

Weather-resistant and waterproof

Copper stands up against harsh weather conditions including rainstorms, snowfall and hailstones. Snow naturally falls off copper roofing, rather than needing to be manually removed.

Increase property price

Copper’s reputation for being beautiful, long-lasting and low maintenance will boost your building’s resale value.


Copper does not catch fire or ignite, making it an incredibly safe material to construct your roof from.

Does not corrode

Copper does not corrode naturally as the green pigment layer Verdigris forms over it as it ages.

Low maintenance

Copper is very easy to maintain and clean compared to other materials. It does not have to be coated in a protective layer or painted, making maintenance easy.


Copper can last well over 50 years without needing to be replaced. The copper roof of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna has been in place for some 300 years now.


As a light metal, copper does not strain supporting materials. This also means it’s quick to install.

Our Suppliers

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