Zinc’s resilience, low maintenance and longevity make it an excellent metal for use in construction. As well as these advantages, it’s also an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable metal, making it a very sustainable material to use in your residential or commercial property. An impressive 70% of domestic roofing in Europe is made from this metal.

Zinc installation for roofing, cladding, accents and other building uses are great choices for contractors, architects and builders. 

Benefits of Zinc Installations

Natural Protection

When exposed to moisture and air, zinc forms an oxidized layer protecting it from the elements. Scratches and marks that appear will eventually ‘heal’ themselves as time passes.


Mould, moss, mildew and fungus cannot grow on zinc’s surface and animals cannot eat it.


Zinc is a very malleable material that can be produced in all shapes, no matter how intricate.

Long lasting

The average lifespan of zinc roofing is between 80 – 100 years. Zinc wall systems last even longer, so you’re unlikely to need to pay for replacements.

Environmentally friendly

Zinc is fully recyclable and takes up to four times less energy to produce than other metals.

Low maintenance

As zinc’s patina keeps reforming itself over time, you don’t need to do anything to keep it in top condition, as long as it has been installed properly.

Desirable patina

Zinc’s appearance is very sought after. It starts its life dark grey and then fades to a blue/grey as its patina develops over time.


Zinc won’t catch fire, making it the perfect material for helping preserve your property through extreme occurrences.


Zinc will survive all weathers, including heavy rain, snow and hail.

Lowers bills

Zinc roofing reflects heat and UV lighting, making it easier to control your property’s temperature. In summer, the sun’s rays will deflect away from your building and in winter, it will reflect internal heat back in, costing you less to heat and cool it throughout the year.

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We plant a tree to help reduce the construction industry’s carbon emissions for every project we sign.

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