Stainless steel is a widespread choice for construction because of its famous durability. The Thames Flood Barrier in London is made from stainless steel. Its lower price point than alternative metals makes it attractive if your project has a limited budget. As well as these advantages, it’s fully recyclable and friendly to the environment. Whether you would like stainless steel roofing, cladding, panels or other construction uses with this handy metal, there are numerous benefits to using it.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Installations

Low cost

Stainless steel is an excellent choice if you have a smaller budget. It is quick and easy to manufacture, so you can get more of it for your money than other metal alternatives.


60% of all the world’s stainless steel is from recycled material. It can be recycled almost an infinite number of times without losing strength or lowering its quality.


It is a strong metal that can be worked in a range of different shapes and colours. It can be fitted into new and old build renovation work, suiting all architectural styles. It can also be manufactured in continuous lengths up to 15m.

Compatible with other materials

You can combine stainless steel with other materials, including glass, concrete and wood.

Long lasting

On average, stainless steel’s lifespan lasts over 50 years, so you are unlikely to need to replace it.


Stainless steel is excellent in building design as it is not flammable and will not aid the spread of a fire.

Lowers bills

Stainless steel roofs reflect the sun’s heat in summer and keep heat indoors in winter, giving you greater control over your property’s temperature. You won’t have to spend more to warm or cool your building.


Stainless steel can handle harsh weather with no problems. Unlike other metals, it will also not warp or turn brittle in the heat.


Being light means stainless steel can be supported by less hardy building materials.

Why Choose Copperclad?

As a small business our overheads are low, which means we offer competitive pricing.

We only use metals supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers to guarantee high quality and long-lasting results.

We offer free no-obligation quotes for all jobs.

All of our workforce is fully compliant and we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

You will receive a dedicated point-of-contact for the duration of your work to keep you updated.

We plant a tree to help reduce the construction industry’s carbon emissions for every project we sign.

Interested in Stainless Steel?

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